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Welcome To Ellie J Wellness

Are you ready to say goobye to your chronic fatigue and finally feel energised?

You're in the right place. Here at Ellie J Wellness I take a root cause holistic approach to your health using energetic testing and bioindividualised healing plans.

Are you exhausted of feeling exhausted?

You aren't meant to wake up tired. Chronic fatigue is not something you have to live with. You shouldn't be bloated after every meal. Headaches aren't normal. Acne is not something you need to put up with. Painful periods are not part of being a woman.

You were born to thrive and live a life filled with an abundance of energy and joy. It's time to take the first step towards the life you deserve to live.

1:1 Integrative Wellness Sessions to TRANSFORM your life!

I help you get to the root cause of your chronic fatigue and wider health issues so that you can finally heal, thrive and find your joy! I take a bioindividual approach to healing, focusing on nutrition, lifestyle and gentle, targeted detoxing whilst centring joy in the healing process. You never have to do more than your mind, body or soul can handle in this current season of your life and I always help you consider what is possible right here, right now. I use your health history and muscle testing to support you and maximise your results so you can finally feel energised again!

Meet Your Integrative Wellness Practitoiner

I'm Ellie, I'm a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Holistic Muscle Testing Practitioner. I have been working as a health coach since 2021 helping people just like you get to the root cause of their health issues so that they can live a joyful, healthy life with an abundance of energy.

I healed myself of M.E., chronic migraines, chronic pain, PMDD, acne, generalised anxiety disorder, hypothyroid and gut issues through nutrition, lifestyle and gentle detoxing. I went from bed bound to thriving and I'm now living my dream life symptom free as a new mum and entrepreneur.

I am passionate about using my knowledge, expertise and skills to take a truly holistic and bioindividual approach with clients so that they can not only become healthier, but happier, too!

My Step By Step Approach

  • 1) The Intake Session

    This 2 hour deep dive is essential for me to get to know you and begin putting the pieces of the puzzle together. You will leave this session feeling hopeful and with a good idea of what your bioindividual healing journey might look like.

  • 2) Nutrition 101

    What we put into our bodies day in and day out matters. We start with nutrition early on in your healing journey to boost your systems. We only make changes achievable in the current season of life you're in. Ideals are out, reality is in!

  • 3) Muscle Testing

    Muscle Testing measures a natural stress response called Binary Biofeedback – the measure of the body’s response to a stimulus. I can use muscle testing remotely to tap in to your nervous system and test for strength or weakness in relation to your supplements.

  • 4) Bioenergetic Testing

    Bioenergetic testing is a form of non-invasive alternative testing using energy to analyse the body’s systems, nutrients, sensitivities, toxins and hormones. This type of testing is amazing for discovering your root causes and finally moving forward.

  • 5) Targeted Supplements & Detoxing

    We can use supplements and targetted detoxing to support your body, boost your mitochondria, and gently detox your root causes such as parasites, mould, candida, heavy metals, Lyme and co-infections, bacteria, viruses and more.

  • 6) Ongoing Emotional & Lifestyle Support

    Throughout your Integrative Wellness Sessions, we address your emotional health and lifestyle alongside the physical aspects of your healing. You are also welcome to reach out for any support needed between sessions through WhatsApp or Email.

  • 7) Joy Centred Healing

    Joy is at the centre of everything I do as a practitioner. Healing is worthless unless you are happy, too. We start by seeking the small joys, before gradually moving into the bigger picture of joy in your life. Working with me means having a more joyful healing journey.

Start Your Healing Journey Now for Just £120

You Could Feel Like This Soon...

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'Working with Ellie over the last 6 months has been absolutely has been wonderful to get her input on nutrition and supplements without having to do hours of research for every issue myself. More than that though, she has really helped me find my voice and make some important decisions about my life and health.'

- EJW Client

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'I felt I had reached the end of the road with my previous functional medicine doctor, whom I’d become attached to, but was sure there must be more that could be done. I realise it’s a difficult ‘journey’ with ups and downs along the way but I’m feeling very positive about how things are going. The way you work covers all angles of health and life. Also knowing that in two weeks time there’s someone to check in with, in a way that you can’t do with a friend or family. I feel ‘looked after’ and cared for. Thank you, Ellie.'

— EJW client

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'Just recently Ellie muscle tested me and we found that I have some food sensitivities, I’ve changed my diet accordingly and am feeling so much better. I don’t feel bloated, I have more energy, I’m sleeping better, my hair is falling out less and my mental health has improved as a result of all these things.'

— EJW client

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'Working with Ellie is a breath of fresh air. There is so much noise in the holistic health community that it can be hard to know which direction to go with my healing. Ellie cuts through the confusion and gets to the root of the problem with clear answers and next steps, which as a busy mum I really need!'

- EJW Client

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'Ellie is such a friendly person, she creates a safe space to discuss any issues and ask anything I need. It’s so heart warming as a mum to feel like I’m the one being looked after for once!'

— EJW client

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'I like your smiling face and that you’re young and enthusiastic. You’re keen to pass on your knowledge and I know how much you want to help improve people’s lives. You’re always up for trying new things and are extremely hard-working. There’s a great structure to the way you plan each session. I feel there will be no stone unturned.'

— EJW client

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'I have found Ellie’s detox guide to be a completely incredible resource and huge value for money. I have felt so much more empowered to support my own detoxing journey with it.'

- Detox Guide Customer

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'Signing up to this program was one of the best decisions I could have made for my health!'

- EJW Client