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Create Your Happiest & Healthiest Year

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Create your healthiest & happiest year yet!

Are you ready to make changes so that your next 12 months are your happiest and healthiest year yet?

This workshop is for you.

In this 75 min workshop you will learn all about:

  • Using manifesting, visualisation, gratitude and journaling.
  • Nervous system regulation
  • Nutrition 101
  • How to read food labels and understanding ingredients
  • Addressing common nutrition myths and misconceptions
  • Healthy relationships
  • Self-care & boundary setting
  • Work life balance
  • The power of rest
  • Getting better sleep
  • Centralising joy in 2024
  • Root cause healing
  • Drainage pathways and detoxing

This is a jam packed session and you will leave with actionable steps you can begin to work on immediately. You will feel empowered and have a clear understanding of what foods will best nourish you, how to take care of your mind and find your joy in 2024. This workshop is for anyone who wants to work on their health, from simply not feeling your best all the way through to chronic illness. The lessons from this workshop will support you no matter what. It is the perfect place to start if you're after an affordable, accessible and powerful introduction to the world of root cause focused holistic health and healing.

Once purchased you will receive the workshop video as a download for you to watch at your own leisure.

Nothing in this workshop is medial advice and any changes you make from following this workshop are made at your own risk and responsibility.

You will get a MP4 (303MB) file